TyFry® Interactive Tenor Drumming Package

Learn to play tenor drum in a pipe band from the master! The TyFry® Interactive Tenor Drumming Package is available now.

Award winning interactive agency McLellan Group has collaborated with TyFry® to create a dynamic, fun, instructional package designed to teach you the art of pipe band tenor drumming.

  • Each package contains 2 interactive discs – a CD ROM for computer use and bonus DVD for your television.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rhythmical structures of time signatures common to pipe bands.
  • Learn to perform simple & compound time and motion.
  • Become competent at visual discipline of flourishing.
  • Offers an introduction to rhythmic accentuation and syncopation.
  • Multi-angle footage provides you with different visual perspectives.


“The Essential Foundations should form part of the tool kit of every tenor drummer who is serious about maximising their potential.”

Scott Currie – 11 times World Drum Corps Champion

Where to Buy

The TyFry® Interactive Tenor Drumming Package is available from TyFry® dealers worldwide. Customers in Canada and the United States can purchase online from the TyFry® shop.