TyFry® Bass Drum Mallets

The TyFry® Bass range of colours

The TyFry® Bass drum mallet brings a whole new dimension to pipe band bass drumming. It meets the needs of the constantly evolving modern pipe band with a revolutionary new round profile featuring groundbreaking permaTONE™ head technology which provides the player complete freedom of dynamic control over the warmth, clarity and projection of their instrument. The new patent-pending TyFry® Bass has many revolutionary features:

  • High strength fully integrated hardwood shaft with grooved grips.
  • Innovative rounded head design ensures maximum contact with the drum head to produce the best possible tone and projection.
  • Cutting edge tri-density permaTONE™ head technology has reduced weight in the head making the Bass one of the lightest and functional mallets available.
  • Patent-pending permaTONE™ improves rhythmic articulation, clarity, response and control across the full dynamic spectrum.
  • Flattened and recessed butt-end can be comfortably gripped or used to retain a cord.
  • Fascia joint seamlessly integrates the head with the shaft.
  • An unrivalled selection of new and familiar premium synthetic furs available in aqua, black, light blue, royal blue, emerald green, lime green, orange, hot pink, light pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow.

Where to Buy

The TyFry® Bass is available from TyFry® dealers worldwide. Customers in Canada and the United States can purchase online from the TyFry® shop.